The different impressions about the events in Karbala

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The different impressions about the events in Karbala

During the history there have been various impressions about the events of Karbala.
For example the impression of "De'bel Khozaee" (the famous poet contemporary with Imam Reza) is different from "Mohtasham Kashani's (celebrated Iranian poet), "Oman Samani" (great Iranian poet) and "Safi Ali Shah" (Iranian author); their impressions are totally different from each other.

"De'bel Khozaee" considers the violent aspects in Karbala, "Mohtasham Kashani" mentions only the pitiful and sorrowful aspects. Mystical aspects, divine affection and love and the holy martyrdom as the fundamental aspects of Imam Hossein's uprising are noticed by "Oman Samani" and "Safi Ali Shah".
Although all of these impressions are true, they do not have a comprehensive impression; each of the impressions considers only one of the aspects of the events in Karbala.

It is the same as the story that there was an elephant in a dark room and some people who did not know, were supposed to touch it and say what it was. The one who touched the elephant's ear, said it was a fan! Although it was wrong, it was somehow true because the ear was like a fan, means he was right because to his knowledge it was just a fan nothing more. other people touched the other parts of the elephant and guessed what they were. Some one touched its foot and said it was a cylinder! Another one touched its trunk and said it was a drainpipe!
All the guesses were both false and true, because they did not know what the creature was, they just said based on their knowledge about what they had touched.

All the generalities of Islam existed in Karbala, a real true visual of Islam; that is the reason why the Holy Imams emphasized the importance of reviving Karbala (Karbala as an event) because all the events were the visual Islam.

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