Abu Hanifeh

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No'man Ibn Sabet, known as "Abu Hanifeh", celebrated Kufi jurisconsult and theologian, born in 699 in Kufa –Iraq. His ancestors were Iranian. He is the eponym of the school of "Hanafites" (one of the Sunni sects). He is entitked as "Imam A'zam" (great Imam) and "Seraj al –A'emeh" (the light of Imams). Abu Hanifeh is one of the four great Sunni Imams. He studied under the most of Kufi jurisconsults but his private master was "Hammad Ibn Solayman"; he studied 18 years in the presence of him. His method for jurisprudence was based on analogy. He #### studied under "Rabi' Ibn Abdul Rahman", "Muhammad Ibn Mutakader" and other masters in Medina. He also studied in the presence of Imam Baqer (the 5th Imam of Shi'a) for many years and Imam Sadeq (the 6th Imam of Shi'a) for 2 years. He also loved Imam Ali (p.b.u.h). In Mecca, he attended the class of "Ata Ibn Abi Rabaah" (great jurisconsult) and other masters. He became profoundly expert at Hadith and jurisprudence. After his death of his master (Hammad Ibn Solayman), Abu Hanifeh as his significant student, started teaching jurisprudence.

In 748, the ruler of Iraq suggested him the judgement position but Abu Hanifeh did not accept. He travelled to Mecca and propagandized his beliefs and ideas. "Ayyub Skhtiani" (Basra jurisconsult) was his strong opponent. In the reign of Abbassides, Abu Hanifeh was imprisoned and killed by poison in 767; because he was totally opposed to Abbassides and did not accept any governmental jobs. He was buried in Kadhimain –Iraq.


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