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Sheikh Abdul Aali, prominent scholar, theologian and traditionist, he is the son of "Ali Ibn Abdul Aali", known as "the second researcher". Karki was contemporary with "shah Tahmasb" (king of Safavid dynasty). He was resident in kashan –Iran and studied intellectual and transmitted sciences, he spent most of his life in this city but the last years of his life went to Isfahan, shah had a high respect for him. At that time Karki was "Marja" of scholars (when scholars need to know aobut a subject, refered to him). He was the great jurisconsult of his own #### time.

Shikh Abdul Aali and great shcolars:
1- The author of "Rawzatul Janat" called him: prominent jurisconsult, traditionist, great master and theologian.
He also wrote about him: Karki narrated from his father and contemporary scholars. Mir Damad (Iranian philosopher) also was his student.
2- Tafreshi wrote about him: he was a respectabla scholar and also eloquent and knew a lot of lot knowledge.
3- Great scholar Seyyed Hossein Aameli said about him: great scholar Allameh sheikh Abdul Aali was the most learnt person of his own time and had a high intelligence.
4- Eskandar Beik Torkaman who was conteporary with him said about him: he was unique in his own time.
Sheikh Abdul Aali died in 1584 in Isfahan.

1- A treatise on "Qibla" (especially Qibla of Khorasan)
2- A scientific treatise on daily prayers
3- Explanation of the book "Irshad" ("guidance", written by Allameh Helli)
4- marginal notes on treatise of "Ali Ibn Helal Jazaeri" ,etc.


Rawzatul Janat -vol.4


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