Khalifat al-Sultan

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Hossein Ibn Mirza Rafi’ Hosseini, known as “Sultan al-Ulama” (king of scholars) and “Khalifat al-Sultan” (successor of king). He was a celebrated scholar in the reign of “Safawid” in Isfahan. (Safawid, is the name of a dynasty which ruled Iran from 1501 – 1786). He was son-in-law of “Shah Abbas I” also his Minister for five years, the Minister of “Shah Safi” for two years and also the Minister of “Shah Abbas II” for six years. Khalifat al-Sultan studied in the presence of his father (Seyyed Rafi al-Din Muhammad) and “Sheikh Bahaei”. He was well-####versed at intellectual and transmitted sciences.

Most of his works are on intellectual and transmitted sciences:
1- Gloss on the book “Sharh-e Lome’h”
2- Gloss on the book “Ma’alem” (The signs)
3- Gloss on the book “Zobdeh” (Compendium, witten by Sheikh Bahaei)
4- Explanation of morals (in Persian)
5- A treatise on rites of haj ,etc.

Khalifat al-Sultan died in 1654 at the age of 64 and was buried in Najaf.



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