Hasan Taqi Zadeh

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Seyyed Hasan Taqi Zadeh, contemporary Iranian journalist, author. politician and bibliographer and one of the leaders of Iranian constitution. He was born in 1878 into a religious family in Tabriz. Taqi Zadeh learnt the Quran at 4. At the age of 8, studied primary Arabic literature and at 14 studied intellectual sciences, mathematics and astronomy. He studied jurisprudence under “Mirza Muhammad Osuli” and “Mirza Hasan Mujtahedi”. Also learnt French and new sciences. Taqi Zadeh tried to make people familiar with the principles of #### national government and liberty by reading Western books. In 1905, travelled to Egypt, Lebanon, Caucasia, Syria and Georgia and visited many politicians and authors such as: Jurji Zaidan, Sheikh Muhammad Abduh and Jalil Muhammad Quli Zadeh. When he returned to Iran, was chosen as the deputy for the first round of the National Consultative Assembly by the class of merchants of Tabriz. Although he was young, he could atract others’ attention and soon became the leader of th eopen-minded minority. He believed that clergy men should do nothing with politics; as the result this point of view, the most powerful leader of constitution the clergy man “Seyyed Abdullah Behbahani” was killed. Taqi Zadeh inevitably left Iran and went to America, England, France and Turkey. He had political activities out of Iran as well. In the reign of Reza khan, Taqi Zadeh supported him but after some time he was against him, therefore went to France and critiqued Reza shah’s government. He returned to Iran after 14 years but did not have the same ideas. Taqi Zadeh was affected by western culture and said that Iranians should behave and dressed like westerners. Hasan Taqi Zadeh died in 1970.


The Islamic world encyclopedia -vol. 7


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