Bani Qinaqa’

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Bani Qinqa’ was the name of a Jewish tribe in Yahthreb, like the two other tribes , Bani Nazir and Bani Qurayzeh, they were also the enemies of the Prophet. All the members of this group were foundry workers. In the first years of Islam; Bani Qinaqa’ and other Jews of Yathreb had a close relationship with Muslims, the Prophet hoped that they embraced Islam, so he had ordered Muslims to forgive their bad behaviour.

####Bani Qinaqa’ Scholars
Among 51 Jewish scholars in the tribes: Bani Nazir, Bani Qurayzeh and Bani Qinaqa’; 28 of them them are from Bani Qinaqa’, prominent scholars such as: Rafa’t Ibn Zayd, Fanhas, Shas Ibn Qeys, Rafe’ Ibn Abi Rafe’, Rafe’ Ibn Qeys, Rafe’ Ibn Harimale, Malek Ibn Zayf, Sawid Ibn Hareth and Nu’man Ibn Abi Oufi. Being victorious in Badr Battle (the Prophet defeated the Meccans in 624) caused the Prophet to have a better situation in front of his opponents. But Bani Qinaqa’ broke their treaty with the Prophet. They believed that their position was better and stronger than the Prophet. The Prophet was worried about them and asked them to embrace Islam, but they did not, therefore they were surrounded by the Prophet. After 15 days, they surrendered themselves to the Prophet with no condition! Then they were exiled to an area near Medina called “Wadi al-Qura” where most of the residents were Jewish; then they went to Syria.


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