Living in Hell for ever

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As it is mentioned in the Koranic verses, Hell as well as the Heaven has an eternal aspect, meaning those who deserve severe torments will live in Hell for ever as their punishment:

1- Who do not appeal to any other deity God [Alone], nor kill any soul whom God has forbidden [them to] except through [due process of] law, nor misbehave sexually. Anyone who does so will incur a penalty.

Torment will be doubled for him on Resurrection Day and he will remain disgraced forever in it , except for someone who repents and believes and  acts  in an honorable manner . God will replace their evil deeds with fine ones, since Gods is forgiving, Merciful.

Anyone who repents and acts hanrbly should turn to God in re repentance. (25:68-71)

2- Anyone who kills a believer deliberately will receive as his reward [a sentence] to live in Hell forever.(4:93)

3- So I have warned you (all) about a raging fire. Only the most  wretched will roast in it, the one who rejects [the  Message]  and turns  away.( 92: 14-16)

4- Those who disbelieve and reject our signs will become inhabitants of the Fire, to remain there. What an awful goal it is! (64:10)

5-Yet criminals will remain in Hell torment. (43:74)

 The following verses also present the reasons leading to staying in Hell forever:

1- While those who disbelieve and reject our signs will become inmates of the fire , they shall  remain in it! (2:39)

2-While those who reject My signs and act too haughty towards them will become inmates   of the fire , they will remain there forever.(7:36)

3-Heavens gates will nor swing open for those who reject  Our  signs and feel too proud for them, nor will they enter the Garden until a camel  can be led through the eye of a needled . Thus we reward criminals. (7:40)

4-Those who reject our signs and [the idea of] a meeting  in the hereafter will [see] their works collapse. Will they not be rewarded for just what they have doing?( 7: 147)

5- We shall gradually bring those who reject our signs from a place  they do not recognize. (7:182)

6- Those who deny [they will have] any meeting with God have already lost-out, so that when the How comes suddenly upon them , they will say: “ Have pity on us haw we neglected it!” “they will  carry their burdens on their own backs. Is not whatever they bear something?” (6:31)


Acquaintance with the Koran (Morteza Motahari)

The Noble Quran (English translation by T.B. Irving)


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