The steady word

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“The Steady word” is the name of a treatise composed by the great scholar “Mirza Ahmad Ashtiyani”


The author

Mirza Ahmad Ashtyani, son of Mirza Hasan Mujtahed Ashtyani.
He was an expert scholar at intellectual and transmitted sciences.
He studied in the presence of the philosophers “Kermanshahi” and “Ishkewari.

Ashtyani taught jurisprudence, methodology (Osul) and intellectual sciences over fourty years in Tehran.

About 1927 – 1932 travelled to Njaf in order to complete the transmitted sciences and he himself was teaching.
He taught “Asfar” (written by mullah Sadra) and many prominent scholars of Najaf attended his classes.
“Allameh Tabatabaei” studied some some parts of the lesson (Asfar) in his presence.

Ashtyani died in 1975 and was nearly 100 years old.


The book structure


The book contains 5 chapters as follows:

1- Proving the Essence of the Creator of the universe

2-Proving Gods knowledge

3-preving necessity prophetic mission

4- Proving Imamate

5- Purgatory and Resurrection





The steady word


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