Completion of Preliminaries

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This book is a collection of several Arabic and Persian treatises on morphology and syntax. It is taught in seminaries as a textbook, in order to make the students familiar with preliminaries of religious sciences. It is written by Mir Seyyed Sharif Jurjani, Mullah Mohsen Feyz Kashani and some other scholars. The following is a list of morphology books which are mentioned in this book:
- a complete explanation for conjugating Arabic verbs (in Persian, by Sharif Jurjani)
####- explanation of conjugation (by Sa’d Taftazani)

The following is a list syntax books:
- on the factors of the Arabic indicating pronunciation (in Arabic, by Abdul Qaher Jurjani, Mullah Mohsen Feyz Kashani and Mullah Ali Gilani)
- a versified treatises on syntaz (in Persian, by Kamal al-Din Hesam)
- al-Hedaya; on Arabic syntax (in Arabic, by Zubayr Basri)
- explanation of the book “Onmuzaj” (by Zamakhshari) (on Arabic syntax, by Jamal al-Din Ardebili)
- samadiye; on Arabic syntax (by Sheikh Bahaee; he wrote this treatise for his brother, Samad)

The other treatises:
- the Major Treatise (Kobra) on formal logic (by Sharif Jurjani)
- the difficult verbs paradigms; on explanation for the irregular Arabic verbs (the author is not defined)
- the manners of learners; on the way of students’ behaviors towards their masters, the way of studying, respecting teachers (in Arabic, by Khajeh Nasir).

It was published in 1986, Tehran.




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