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Hajez is the name of another lodging of Imam Hossein’s caravan; between Mecca and Kufa. Hajez means “preserver of water”. In this area, Imam answered the Muslim Ibn Aqil’s letter (leading supporter of Hossein Ibn Ali; d.680. He was killed at Kufa by order of Ubeys Allah Ibn Ziyad), this was the first letter which was sent to Kufa by “Qeys Ibn Musahhar Seydavi” to Muslim and Shias in Kufa. It was written: “In the name of Allah From Hossein Ibn Ali to his brothers including Muslims and the Believers. Hello. I received Muslim Ibn Aqil’s letter and became aware of your unity and also assisting us to demand our right. I wish God gives you a great reward. I will come to you soon from Mecca.


Farhang-e Ashura

Nafas al-Mahmum


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