Writing down servants’ deeds

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According to the Koranic verses whatever God's servants do, will be written and recorded and on the Day of judgement the book of every one will be shown to.

It in includes not only all the deeds done but also the thoughts and even memories all will be recorded:


1- We revive the dead and write down whatever they have sent on ahead and [left] as traces, we calculate everything in an open ledger. (36:12)

 “Ledger” refers to the book in which all the acts are recorded, as the leader of everyone on the Day of judgement, based on which servants will be judged.

2- Read your book; today there will be none, but yourself to call you to account! (17:14)

3-We have tied every mans fate around his neck, and we shall produce a book for him on Resurrection Day that he will find spread open (17:13)

4- They will say: “It’s too late for us! What does this book mean for me? It omits nothing either small or large unless it is accounted for”. (18: 49)

5- Anyone who is given his book in his right hand will say: “here read my book”! (69:19)

6- However anyone who is given his book in his left hand will say:” It’s bad for me, if only my book had not been given me. (69:25)

7- You will see every nation crouching, each nation will be called [to appear] before its book: “Today you will be rewarded for whatever you have been doing. (45: 28)

8- This book of ours will pronounce the Truth about you: We have been recording whatever you have been doing (45:29)


al-Mizan Koranic exegesis (Allameh Tabatabai)

The Noble Quran (English translation by T.B. Irving)


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