Misgiving about prophets’ miracles resemble extraordinary acts

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According to intellectual principles, some express misgiving about prophets’ miracles: what is done by Indian fakirs is a fact and the reason is keeping up the soul, even they do no believe in God. Bu the prophets’ miracles are not real and even there is not a clear reason behind it; they have only a religious justification.
This view is wrong, because prophets’ miracles can have a non-religious justification and like Indian fakirs’ act can be also related to keeping up the soul.

The answer
There is no doubt that there are extraordinary acts which are done by those who are able to do by practicing. For example: taking a deadly poison.

Magic in Allameh Tabatabaee’s view:
According to Allameh, many acts are reliant upon natural means and hidden from others’ feeling and comprehension. Magician does a magic which its means are not known by people. Like the one who enters the fire but is not burnt, because they put talcum on their skin!
There also other acts which are not connected to natural means: telling about the unseen, the future, etc. These abilities are obtained by power and faith.

Difference between magic and extraordinary acts:
1- the way of achieving: miracle is a divine favour and can not be taught. It is also unrestricted but magic is restricted and acquired.
2- The aims: prophets perform miracle to prove that they are God’s messengers in order to make people attain perfection but magicians do magic just for achieving fame or earning money.
3- The ethical aspect: prophets have a high ethical perfection but magicians do not have much ethical virtues


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