The conception of love and different ideas about its nature

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The conception of love and different ideas about its nature

The strong form of affection which dominates human wisdom and determination is called "love" (it tends to become insanity).

views on the nature of love
There are different views on love:

1- absolutely there is a sexual origin and aim in love

2- according to philosophers there are two kinds of love: sexual love and spiritual love. They believe all humans have the base of spiritual love.

3- The composition of both sexual and spiritual love. This view considers Freud's view (famous psychoanalyst who believes everything have originated sexual instinct) his view is nowadays rejected. Now it is believed love has a sexual origin and a spiritual aim, means it starts sexually but then it will change into a spiritual mood; it was presented by "Will Durant".

Our view on love is rather the state in which, lover annihilates himself/herself in the essence of his/her beloved, this attitude is called "adoration".
This kind of love is known as "Eastern Love" by westerns.

The advantage of love according to theosophists

There is a great fault in human essence, we are all attached to many different things, actually our souls are attached to them.
The only thing which can lead us towards God, is "love". Love could be able to cut all the non-divine attachments.

The application of the term "love" in the Koran and the Islamic traditions

It is said that the term "love" is never applied in the Koran and also the Islamic traditions. This view is totally wrong.
"love" is mentioned in both, the Koran and traditions.
For example on "worship":
Good for those who love worship and love it with their hearts and persuade their bodies to worship."
There are also other verses in which "love" and its derivations are applied.

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