The philosophy of thanking God

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The philosophy of thanking God

"Thanks" is a term which is applied a lot in the Koran. It is applied for the humans towards God and also for God towards His servants.

God is Appreciative, Lenient. (64/17)

Applying properly the gifts granted by God, is the same as thanking Him.

He has granted you hearing, eyesight and vital organs so that you may feel thankful. (16/78)

God is called "Appreciative":

God does not waste the wages of those act kindly. (9/120)

He is thankful for any good act of His servants. He appreciates His good servants, He does not equally observe and judge good and bad people.

Shall We treat those who believe and perform honorable deeds just like mischief-makers on earth? Or should We treat those who do their duty like lawbreakers? (38/28)

Are those who know, to be considered equal to those who do not know? (39/9)

Thanking God refers to apply God's gifts in the way they have been created for, means humans are supposed to recognize the purpose of each gift.

Say: "look at whatever exists in Heaven and Earth. Signs and warning do not benefit any people who do not believe. (10/101)

God has brought you out of your mother's wombs; you knew nothing then, while He has granted you hearing, eyesight and vital organs so that you may feel thankful. (16/78)

We are supposed to know God by the gifts we are granted.

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