The Day of Regret

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The Day of Regret “refers to the Day when man regrets his past, his sins, and any evil acts he has done. The Day of Regret for sinners is mentioned in the Koran:


1- Warn them of the Day of Regret when the matter will be decided: they act so heedless and still do not believe. (19: 39)

2- It, means despair for disbelievers (69:50)

3. A day when the wrongdoer will gnaw away at his hands. He will say: “It’s too bad for me! If I had only taken a pathway alongside the Messenger! (25:27)

4- O pity me, since I have been so lax so far God is concerned, and because I was a scoffer. (39:56)

5- Those who deny [they will have] any meeting with God has already lost out, so that when the Hour comes suddenly upon them, they will say: “Have pity on us for how we neglected it!”  “They will carry their burdens on their awn backs. Is not whatever they bear something evil?” (6:31)

 6-Those they have been following will say: “If we only had another chance, then we would free ourselves from them just as they have freed themselves from us!” Thus God will show them their actions as regrets on their part. They will never leave the Fire! (2:167)


al-Mizan Koranic exegesis (Allameh Tabatabai)

The Noble Quran (English transaltion by T.B. Irving)


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