The principle of equality and truth in the Islamic worldview

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According to the religion Islam, all humans are God’s creatures and all have the same right and therefore are equal:


1. O mankind, we have created you from a male and female, and set you up as nations and tribes so you may recognize [and cooperate with] one another. The noblest among you with God is that one of who best performs his duty. (49:13)
2. I shall never waste the work of any worker among you, whether it is a man or a woman. Some of you [have sprung] from others.(3:195)
All the rules granted man by Gods messengers are based truth referring to the fact that man must only do the actions which are in his best interest while he does not feel like to do.
1. If Truth had followed their whims, heaven and Earth world have collapsed in chaos along with anyone who is in them (23:71)
2. What exists except error after truth, so why do you disregard it?
The general guidance in all the creatures throughout the universe is observed.
1. He (Moses) said: our Lord is the one who has given everything its own constitution, then guided it. (20:50)
2. Glorify the name of your Lord, the All –Highest, who has created and fashioned who has proportioned and guided.(87:1-3)
3. From what sort-of thing did he create him? From a drop of semen has he created him and proportioned him. Then he made the way easy for him.(80:18-20)



Spirituality of Shia (Allameh Muhammad Hossein Tabatabai)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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