Imam Musa Sadr

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Seyyed Musa Sadr, born in 1929 in Qom –Iran to the prominent Labanese Sadr family of theologians. He was an Iranian –born Lbanese philosopher and a prominent Shi'a religious leader who spent many years of his life in Lebanon as a religious and political leader.

His fsther was Ayatollah Sadr ad –Din Sadr. Imam Musa Sadr attended his primary school in his hometown and then moved to Tehran. In 1956 he got a degrre in Islamic jurisprudence and political sciences from Tehran University. Then he moved back to Qom and studied theology and Islamic philosophy under Allameh Tabatabaie (Great contemporary philosopher).
Eventually he travelled to Najaf to continue his eduation.

In 1960 he accepted an invitation to become the leading Shi'ite figure in Tyre (town in southern Lebanon).
In 1969, Imam Musa was appointed as the first head of Supreme Islamic Shi'a Counsil.
In 1974 he founded the "Movement of the disinherited" to press for better economics and social conditions for the Shi'a.
He established a number of schools and medical clinics throughout southern Lebanon.

In August 1978 Imam Musa Sadr and the two companions departed for Lybia to meet with government officials. They were never heard from again. Lybia has consistently denied responsibility. Some have reported that Imam Musa Sadr remains secretly in jail in Lybia.




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