Amr Ibn Aas

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Amr Ibn Aas (born c.573 - d. January 6, 664 CE) was an Arab military commander who is most noted for leading the Muslim conquest of Egypt in 640. One of the companions of the Prophet, who rose quickly through the Muslim hierarchy following his conversion to Islam in 629 CE. He founded the Egyptian capital of Fustat, and built the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As at its center — the first mosque on the continent of Africa. Before his military career, Amr was a trader, who had accompanied caravans along the commercial trading routes through ####Asia and the Middle East, including Egypt. He was a shrewd, highly intelligent man who belonged to the nobility of the Quraysh. He fought with the Quraysh against Islam in several battles. He went to fight the Muslims when he saw them praying with the prophet, he got highly interested and tried to find out more about Islam. He was determinedly hostile to Islam. Once he converted to Islam with Khalid bin waleed, he became a great commander fighting for the Islamic cause. Amr ibn ul aas mosque, the first mosque in Africa, was built under the patronage of Amr ibn ul aas. He came to Egypt as the commander in chief of the Arab troops in 640 AD.

Battle of Uhud
He commanded a Quraish contingent at the battle of Uhud.

Abu Bakr's era
Amr was sent by the Caliph Abu Bakr with the Arab armies into Palestine following Muhammad's death. It is believed that he played an important role in the Arab conquest of that region, and he is known to have been at the battles of Ajnadayn and Yarmouk as well as the siege of Damascus. After his military conquests, Amr was an important player in internal conflicts within Islam. Amr was originally a supporter of Imam Ali (P.B.U.H), but later switched to the side of Muawiya. He died during Muawiya's reign.




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