Umayyads of Spain

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Umayyads of Spain was a dynasty which reigned from 756 till 1031 in the Iberian peninsula with Cordoba as their capital. Abd al-Rahman I al-Dakhil, “the Immigrant” was recognized as emir in 756 in Cordoba, the traditional residence of the Arab governors. The main task of all his successors was to be the pacification of the new emirate. The most glorious period in the history of Muslim Spain was the reign of Abd al-Rahman III. The decline and fall of the Spanish Umayyads became evident under the successors of Hisham II. Between 1009 and 1031 no less ####than nine caliphs are listed, their reigns being continuously interrupted by the Hmmudids of Malaga. From this time onwards civil war reigned in Cordoba and the caliphate, the Berber element playing a more and more disastrous part in the troubles. All the provinces of Muslim Spain proclaimed their independence under a Spanish, Slav or Berber chief. These rulers, known as Party Kings (Muluk al-Tawaif), lasted until the Almoravids (dynasty of Berber origin which ruled in North Africa and Spain, ca. 1050-1147) conquered Muslim Spain.

The following is a list of the Spanish Umayyads:
1- Abd al-Rahman Ibn Mu’awiya
2- Hisham Ibn Abd al-Rahman
3- Hakam Ibn Hisham
4- Abd al-Rahman Ibn Hakam
5- Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Rahman
6- Mundir Ibn Muhammad
7- Abdullah Ibn Muhammad
8- Abd al-Rahman Ibn Muhammad
9- Hakakm Ibn Abd al-Rahman
10- Hisham Ibn Hakam
11- Muhammad Ibn Mahdi
12- Suleman Ibn Musta’in
13- Abd al-Rahman IV
14- Abd Aal-Rahman V
15- Hisham Ibn Muhammad


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