The Gift of Ramadan

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This book which is written by Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, includes the daily prayers of Ramadan.

The author
Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlisi was an authoritative jurist, a most prolific collector of traditions (Hadiths), and an unprecedentedly influential author of the Twelver Shia (1627 – 1698). Under the Safavid Shah Hossein I, he was practically the actual ruler of Iran. His father Muhammad Taqi Majlisi was a famous scholar as well. Allameh Majlisi ####studied under his father and other great masters: Mullah Muhammad Saleh Mazandarani, Mirza Rafu’ al-Din Tabatabaee, Mullah Hossein Ali Shushtari, Sheikh Abdullah Aameli, Mullah Mohsen Feyz Kashani and Seyyed Mirza Jazayeri.

Structure of the book
It contains the following subjects:
- The prayer of the begin of Ramadan
- The factors which invalidate fast
- The daily prayers in Ramadan
- The recommended prayers in Ramadan
- The prayer of the last night of Ramadan


The Gift of Ramadan


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