Within the confines of patronage

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Jaame'eh Kabireh prayer (the Great comprehensive prayer) is one of the greatest prayers including divine rich contents on recognition of Imam. This book is a commentary on this holy prayer, written by the prominent mystic and scholar sheikh Muhammad Taqi Isfahani.


The author

Ayatollah sheikh Muhammad Taqi Isfahani, known as "Najafi", one of the great Iranian scholars in the 20 th century, he was born in 1846 in Isfahan –Iran.
His father and grandfather both were prominent Shi'a scholars.

After learning the preliminaries of religious sciences, he travelled to Najaf and studied in the presence of great masters: Mirza Shirazi, sheikh Mahdi Najafi and Seyyed Ali shushtari, then returned to Isfahan.

There are left 70 books of him and most of them have been published.

Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Isfahani (Najafi) passed away in 1914 in Isfahan.


The book structure


1- Mysteries of pilgrimage

2- Pilgrimage of the prophet and the Imams buried in Baqi.

3- Pilgrimage of His Holiness Ali (p. b. u. h) the 1st Shiite Imam

4- Pilgrimage of Her Holiness Fatima (the prophet’s daughter)

 5- Pilgrimage of His Holiness Hossein (the 3rd Shiite Imam)

6- Pilgrimage of His Holiness Reza  ( the e 8th Shiite Imam)



Within the confines of patronage


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