The Arrival among Sunnis

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The Arrival among Sunnis

The Sunnite traditions on Imam Mahdi (the 12th Imam of Shiites):

1- "if there is only pone day left to the end of the world, God will appoint a man from my family who serves justice all over the world which had been full of oppression and injustice." (Sahih by. Abu Davoud he narrated the Hadith from "Abi Tofeyl" who had narrated from Imam Ali.)

2- "if there is only one day left to the end of the world, God will prolong that day to lead to the Arrival of my descendant whose name is as the same as mine (Ahmad) and he will serve justice all over the world." (Sahih by. Abu Davoud; it is narrated from the Prophet)

3- "there will be a time in the future when the world is full of great injustice and oppression; a man from my family will lead an uprising and serve justice in the universe, he will rule for seven or nine years." (Mosnad by. Ibn Hanbal; it is narrated by Abu Sa'eed Khedri from the Propeht)

4- "Mahdi is from my family, he is a descendant of my daughter "Fatima". (narrated by great Sunnite scholars: Abu Davoud and Ibn Majeh; it is narrated by "Umm-e Salameh who narrated it from the prophet)

5- "Mahdi is from our family, he has a high forehead. He will serve justice all over the world which had been before full of grave injustice and oppression." (Sahih by Abu Davoud; narrated by Abu Sa'eed Khedri who narrated from the Prophet)

6- "I give you great news on the person who is called "Mahdi" and will arrive in the future. He will serve justice in the whole universe which had been before full of great injustice. Mahdi will share equally the riches among all the people" (the same resource)

7- "definitely after my death, Ali Ibn Abi Taleb will be the leader and my successor and his descendant called "Mahdi" will arrive and serve justice all over the world which had been before full of injustice and oppression." (narrated in the book "Faraed al-Semtayn, by. Hamvini; it is narrated by "Ibn Abbas" from the Prophet)

8- "the one who denies the Arrival, is paganist." (said the Prophet; narrated by. Abd Al-Rahman Siyutu)

9- "Abul Qasem al-Hojja, known as "Mahdi", lost his father at the age of five then God granted him divine sciences. When he arrives in the future, Jesus will say prayer with him." (narrated in the book Sawaeq by. Ibn Hejr Heythami)

There are many other Sunnite traditions on the Arrival.

The related topics:

- the features of the time of Arrival
- the Arrival as a definite event among Sunnis and Shiites


Faraed al-Semtayn, by. Hamvini
Mosnad by. Ibn Hanbal
Sahih by. Abu Davoud


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