The concealed facts in human soul will be manifested on Judgement Day

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The hidden facts in human soul will be manifested on the Day of Judgement. The following verses of the Koran confirm that human will return to God:


Every man, you are toiling constantly for your Lord, and you will meet him! (84:6)

Gold platters and cups will be passed around among them containing   anything (their) souls may hanker for and (their) eyes delight in. (43:71) the earth will shine through its Lords light and the Book will be laid open. Prophets and witnesses will be brought in, and judgement will be pronounced among them formally, and will not be harmed. (39:69)

Who is there to offer God a hand same loan, so He many compound it many times over for him? God both withholds and bestows, to Him will you return. (2: 245).

God holds control over Heaven and Earth, and whatever lies between them. Towards him lies the Goal! (5:18)

He punishes anyone He wishes to and shows mercy to anyone He wishes; to Him will you be restored. (29:21)

We belong to God, and are returning to Him (2:156)



"Recognition of Resurrection" (Allameh Tehrani)

English translation of the Koran (T.B. Irving)


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