Hedyat al-Razi Ila al Mujadded Shirazi (Agift presented to Mirza Shirazi by Razi)

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The mentioned book is wwritten by “Allameh Agha Bozorg Tehrani” (great jurisconsult) on the biography of great Shia leader in the 20thh century: “Mirza Muhammad Hasan Shirazi” (known as Mirza Shirazi and great Mirza). (1814 – 1894).

The author:
Ayatollah Sheikh Mohsen (Agha Bozorg) Tehrani, great Shia scholar and bibliographer, born in 1875 in Tehran.
He studied literature, logic, jurisprudence (Fiqh),#### methodology (Osul) and the Quran in the prsence of prominent masters in Tehran. At the age of 22 travelled to Iraq and completed his education in the presence of great scholars. He studied Hadith under “Mirza Hasan Nouri”. Agha Bozorg (Great Sir) published jis great work “Al-zari’e” (The means) in Najaf. He was allowed to quote Hadiths from most of Shia and Sunni scholars and also many Shia schoalrs were allowed to quote from him. After “Muhaddeth Noori” , Agha Bozorg is the most well-known narrator. He died in 1965 in Najaf and according to his will was buried in his own library which was dedicated to the students.

Structure of the book
The book is divided into 5 seasons:
1- The fiest season: On Mirza Shirazi’s date of birth, his edcation, emigration to Samarra-Iraq and his death.
2- The second season: On his morals and character
3- The third season: On his students; the scholars who were trained in the presence of him.
4- The forth season: On his spiritual morals
5- The fifth season: On his works


Hedyat al Razi Ila al Mujadded Shirazi (a gigt presented to Mirza Shirazi by Razi).


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