The eternal aspect of the Heaven and the Hell

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In the Holy Koranic verses it is highly noticed that both Heaven and Hell will be eternal:


Say: “Is that best, or the Garden of Immortality which has been promised the heedful?” They are both a reward and a goal for them.

Those who believe and perform honorable deeds will be shown into gardens though which rivers flow, to live there with their Lord permission.

Their greeting in it will be “Peace”! (14:23)

He will say: “The Fire will be your lodging to live in forever, except for whatever God may wish. You Lord is wise, Aware.”(6:128)

Then those who have done wrong will be told: “Taste the torment of eternity Have you not been rewarded merely with something you have earned?”(10:52)


"Al-Mizan" (Allameh Tabatabai)


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