The actions leading man to poverty

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Poverty and wealth both are organized by Divine Power, but human acts also could cause poverty and wealth.
There are some deeds which lead man towards wealth, while some others cause poverty. The consequences of our deeds will return to
our selves:

1. Any disaster that happens to you will [occur] because of what your own hands have earned. (42:30)
2. Each man is pledge for whatever he has earned. (52:21)

The following is a list of the actions leading man to poverty, they are known as “Makrouh” (It is better not to do them, they are rejected by God):
1. Squandering is seriously in Koran
Spendthrifts are the devils brethren, and Satan has always been ungrateful towards his Lord. (17:27)
2. Not cleaning the house
3. Leaving dishes unwashed (meaning washing them the day after)
4. Not closing water bottle top
5. Not removing spiders web from ceiling
6. Not washing oneself as well as the clothes
7. Drying your body with your clothes
8. sewing the torn part of the clothes while wearing (it should be)
9. Sitting down in house doorway
10. Eating with unwashed hands (it is commended to wash hands before starting to eat)
11. Putting something on the bread on the table (for example placing a dish on the piece of bread)
12. Not caring about the crumbs of bread and spreading them around (this rule is recommended about any kind of food, ex. rice, but bread is highly respected)
13. Swearing a false oath
15. Cursing children by parents



The Ascension (Ayatollah Dastqeyb)

English translation of the Quran (T.B.Irving)


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